Premium Hardwoods for Construction

Indian Valley Industries, Inc. produces many products from North America's hardwood forests, including mats/pads for heavy construction, stakes/lath for fencing products, and pegs/stakes for fastening.

Mats, Pads, Decking
Where access is required over extreme or poor ground conditions, we offer hardwood mats for drilling sites, temporary access roads, or crane support for tired or tracked vehicles. They can be picked up and laid down with a loader or fork lift, and can be transported from one work site to another. With the proper care and handling, mats can be reused several times.

On many construction sites, mats/decking eliminate the construction of temporary conventional haul roads and provide a construction platform in soft soil conditions without costly remediation practices. Our laminated mats, also known as truck mats, are commonly used as surface decking for board roads, oil field locations, and any rubber-tired equipment.

Stakes, Lathe, Pegs
Our smaller sized mill goods are necessities for many industries. We offer many dimensions and sizes to satisfy needs for fencing, surveying, forestry/nursery, and fastening applications. We offer there products in pallet-load quantities.



Our mats are commonly used for drilling sites, temporary access roads, or crane support for tired or tracked vehicles.


Typically used for haul roads, surface decking, board roads, and oil field locations. Commonly used for rubber-tired equipment.


Used for securing many of our erosion control and sediment control products. Also used in marking/surveying.


We offer many dimensions for use with silt fence applications. Commonly used in on-site silt fence fabrication.


Commonly used applications for paving, grading, landscaping, surveying.


Indian Valley can source a range of customized products for construction site preparation.

Product Specifications & Sourcing

Indian Valley Industries, Inc. manufactures, sources, and distributes mill products to meet various standards and specifications. Don't hesitate to contact us with your hardwood needs. We have the ability and knowledge to source specialized or custom products for our customers when the need arises.