Indian Valley Spill Kits

Nobody wants an oil spill; however, accidents do happen. Don’t be caught unprepared! Like a fire extinguisher is to a fire, a spill kit is to an oil or chemical spill. Choose the right kit for your company’s needs.


Emergency spill response is an important part of a company’s safety and health program. Well-prepared companies have a plan of action and keep the appropriate cleanup supplies on hand.  The Federal government also has several EPA and OSHA laws that force companies to have specific plans and materials on hand for such events.

Indian Valley Industries pre-packages sorbent materials into convenient kits for jobsites (55 gal.) and portable spill containment.  We commonly provide additional components such as pads, pillows, socks, and boom as needed or required.

Booms are cylindrical and vary in length and width. They are used to help control and contain spills. Some booms contain spills on water, and can be connected together and deployed onto the water as a large spill barrier.

Socks or mini booms are cylindrical and vary in length and width. This form of sorbent is typically used in facility spill response or maintenance applications. Socks can be used to contain spills or can be placed around machinery or other equipment to contain leaks.

Pillows are rectangular and filled with sorbent media. They’re used to clean up medium-sized spills. Place pillows under drip pans to help eliminate overflow problems, or use as a precaution for a possible spill when transferring liquids.

Pads and sorbent rolls are flat, sorbent sheets available in un-perforated rolls, perforated rolls or manufactured to a specific size, up to 300 feet long. Pads can be used to line shelves, catch leaks under machinery and clean up spills. Rolls can be cut to specific lengths for larger applications.   




Commonly termed a truck spill kit, it's compact design allowing for easy placement behind the driver’s seat or in a storage compartment.
15 - 15” x 19” Pads
2 - 3” x 4’ Socks
1 - 18” x 18” Pillow
1 - Disposal Bag w/ ties
1 - Nitrile Gloves (pair)
1 - Emergency Response Guidebook  


A larger version of our portable spill kit, this kit allows an operator for quick, timely response to a larger petroleum based spill. 

20 - 15” x 19” Pads
3 - 3” x 4’ Socks
2 - 18” x 18” Pillows 
2 - Disposal Bags w/ ties
1 - Nitrile Gloves (pair)
1 - Emergency Response Guidebook  



Our largest collection of quick response products for cleaning a fuel or oil spill on water, dockside or job site. Packaged in a 55 gallon drum.

50 - 15” x 19” Pads
8 - 3” x 4’ Socks
6 - 18” x 18” Pillow
3 - 5” x 10’ Booms 
4 - Disposal Bags w/ ties
4 - Nitrile Gloves (pair)
1 - Emergency Response Guidebook   


All of our spill kits can be enhanced with additional pieces sold and packaged separately.  Designed for oil-only spill response.

Pads 15” x 19” Med.Wt. - 100 / Bale Booms 8” x 10’ / 5” x 10’  - 4 / Bale
Socks 3” x 4’  - 30 / case
Pillows 18” x 18” - 16 / case  

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